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Cuba & Health

After the Cuban Revolution, the new government announced in 1960 that education and science were the future of Cuba. Immediately, the Cuban Academy of Sciences, that was established in 1861, was reorganized to expand the socialist revolution in the areas of biotechnology and health.

These policies showed their fruits in the coming decades. Cuba enjoys one of the best healthcare systems in the world, having the highest doctors per capita, the lowest infant mortality rate and a life expectancy (78,6) higher than the US. Cuba also has the biggest medical school in the world and is the number one country to employ doctors abroad.

Many Cuban hospitals are certified ISO 14001 and ISO 9001, which many medical centers in developed countries do not meet. In recent years Cuba has realized important breakthroughs in medicine and treatments unseen in Western countries.

Other important factors are the reasonable prices and substantial savings patients can benefit on the island.

The positive atmosphere of the country and the medical facilities will surprise all visitors. Surrounded by palm trees and friendly Cuban medical experts, patients will feel themselves in a holiday resort rather than in a hospital. The recuperation will start mentally the moment a person sets foot on Cuban soil.